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Board of Directors 2011-2012
The WHS board of directors is elected at our annual meeting each summer. Everyone is welcome at the annual meeting, during which we discuss and decide on the topics for the upcoming year of monthly meetings and the field trip. Information about exactly when and where the board meeting occurs is emailed to the members prior to the meeting date.
President: Dawn Chapel  LHG, Hydrogeologist, Pacific Groundwater Group,  Dawn@PGWG.com
Secretary: Judy Oleson, Environmental Engineer, Pacific Groundwater Group, judyoleson@gmail.com
Treasurer: Jerry Ninteman, Environmental Engineer, Landau Associates, Inc., jninteman@landauinc.com
Past President: Laurie Morgan, Hydrogeologist, Washington State Dept. of Ecology, paula-sonata@comcast.net
Active Board Members:
Alan Black, Civil Engineer, HNTB Corporation, ablack@hntb.com
Llyn Doremus, Hydrologist, llynadele@gmail.com
Dave Metallo, Hydrogeologist, CardnoTEC, DCMetallo@tecinc.com
Matthew P Bachmann, Hydrologist, US Geological Survey, mbachmann@usgs.gov
Titus Wesley Butcher, Civil Engineer-in-Training, City of Seattle, titusb@uw.edu
James Packman, Hydrologist, CardnoTEC, james.packman@cardnotec.com
Previous Board Members:
Brian Drost, formerly with the USGS
Bob Dubois, Civil Engineer, formerly with the City of Tacoma
Ken Johnson, Hydrogeologist, US Geological Survey
Nadine Romero, Groundwater Science Services, LLC
John Houck, formerly with the University of Washington
Al Wald, Hydrologist, Applied Hydrology Northwest